HEY GUYS !! HOPE YOU GUYS DOING WELL. Today I am sharing some personal stuff with you guys. Hope you can relate to it as well.

Life has been tough for me lately. I can’t decide  What I want?

What will I end up doing in life?

and With whom?


Currently its all messed up. My teenage years are coming to an end, But the things I have gone through during that phase defines my entire life. I have done a lot of bad things that I regret doing. Right now I’m tired, tired chasing nothing. I always want to be left alone and have difficulty trusting people. I push away every person who shows care towards me, cause I am scared, scared that ill mess something up.


My biggest dream is to be a youtube and I have started my journey by opening a blog. I like writing my inner feelings which I can’t share with anyone. I feel lighter.


Many people envy me sometimes cause they think I am very happy, But the funny thing is that I want to be them .. as happy and relaxed as them with so many people caring for them. Its a perfect description of the phrase ” the other side always looks greener and brighter”. Then I realized that no one’s life is perfect, everyone is going through some dilemma which only that person knows.


When I lose control over my feelings, I cry, cry as much as I can in order to make myself feel lighter and it actually does work. For others, I am this introverted person who is suspicious in everything I do. But once I trust a person I give everything I have to care for that person. But most of the time I lose people ..people who were my pillars .. either because of situations or because of that person itself. We drift apart and even if you don’t want that to happen. you have to let that happen. “Its fate ” that’s what people say. There were bad and good people and I’m glad I met them both. Bad people taught me huge lessons and good people helped me be strong during those bad times.


Actually, I am a very a complicated person. NO one can understand me, not even me. I want something one day, hate it the other day. Be happy for everything I have one day, break down into pieces the same day. Life is a journey to understand who you really are from scratch and move towards the path your soul leads you to. How to find out what your soul actually wants?

DARK DAYS ……dark days in life will make you realize what you actually need.


Please comment down below and share your story .. I would love to read them.


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